FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

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What is the difference between an "Express Wash" and "Detail Express?"

An Express Wash is our Exterior-Only car wash.
Detail Express is an "after the wash" service such as the "Express Wax" (applied by hand), Carpet Shampoo or SuperClean service.

Do I need an appointment for Detail Express?

Only at our Rochester Road and Southfield Road locations. At the other sites, we do not take appointments, but you won't need it, as our Auto Detailing services are all performed "while-you-wait." Sure, if you want to leave it and come back for it later, you are welcome to. However, if you pre-paid for a service, we will reserve you an appointment at any location.

How long does Detail Express take?

Each vehicle is different, both in size and the extent of attention it needs. Our general rule of thumb is about 30 minutes per service, so if you choose a Hand Wax and Carpet Express, it would be around 1 hour. Most people do not leave the premises while their services are being performed, but you are welcome to.

Do you sell Gasoline?

Only at Woodward and 11 Mile where we have Pay-At-The-Pump and a Mini-Mart.

Is washing my car damaging to my paint? Is conveyor washing safe? Do you use brushes?

We use no brushes - just soft cloth which is heavily lubricated. We have Club Plan (Annual Pass) Customers with black cars that wash up to 6 days per week for years and they are very happy with the safety. For more information on safety, please visit our "Safety of Carwashing Page." At one time, we were touchless because that is what people thought they wanted. But then they learned that the cleaning in a touchless car wash was inconsistent. Therefore, we added back some cloth; it is safe for all vehicles, and provides a consistent cleaning.

Does Jax really want to hear me complain or compliment?

YES! YES! YES! Without your complaints, we can't improve! We reply to every comment and take them very seriously. The compliments are shared with the staff. Your address and phone numbers are kept confidential.

What is the largest size tire your washes can handle?

Please click here; each locations' capacities are different.

What is the tallest vehicle your washes can handle?

Please click here; each locations' capacities are different.

What forms of payment does Jax accept?

We accept credit cards: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, and of course good ol' cash. Sorry, we don't accept checks. We also accept Wright Express and Voyager.

Does Jax do Engine Steam Cleaning?

Sorry, we do not.

Does Jax offer oil change/lube services?

Sorry, we do not.


Where is the 48 Hour Clean Car Guarantee?"

Regretfully, we had to discontiue the 48 Hour, 5-Day, and 2-Week Clean Car Guarantees. However, to always maintain a clean car and not worry about the weather, join the Unlimited Club!

Do you offer a FREE WASH on my BIRTHDAY?

We sure do! Just present your driver’s license within 2 weeks of your birthday, and we will wash your car free!
- You must be a REWARDS CUSTOMER to get your choice of Full-Service or Exterior. Non-Preferred customer get a free Exterior-Only Wash.

What do I get by joining the email list, and will my email address be shared?

We will send you a link to a coupon every month (on the first day of the month). Offers range from discounts off Detail Express, Packages, and occasionally washes.
We will never never never give your email to any other organization. If you follow the "Remove" link at the bottom of our email, you will truly be removed from our list.

How can I change my email address in the system?

Just follow the "Update Profile/Email Address" link at the bottom of any email we send you, and you will have the option of changing your email address.
If you don't have an email from us, go click here and put in your registered email address; you will then have the option to change it.

Do you offer AAA Discounts?

Yes! Show your card and save 10% off car washes, special services or detailing.

UNLIMTED CLUB (formerly Club Plan)

I'm going out of town for a month or more. Can I put my Unlimited Club on Vacation Hold?

Yes. Just login to your account and put it on "Vacation Status". There is a minimum of one month for vacation status. You won't be billed until you return. Your time will be put on hold, and extended when you return.

Can I use my "Full-Service Unlimited Club" for the Exterior wash?

Sure! You are still entitled to a 25% discount on all special services, Detail Express and merchandise. And here's a secret... we will upgrade Full-Serve Club Plan customers to the Basic Plas free while washing exterior only!

Can I use my "Exterior Only Unlimited Club" for the Full-Service wash?

Sure, you would just pay the difference between the two ($13.00), or the current price.

Can I transfer my Unlimited Club to my other vehicle?

Yes, we allow 4 changes to your plan per year, including vehicle changes and type of membership.

Can I use my Unlimited Club card to wash my other vehicle once in a while?

We don't say no to our customers very often, but in this case, no, sorry. The Unlimited Club is valid only on one vehicle, under the terms of the plan on the back of your card. This is strictly enforced.

My question regarding the Unlimited Club is not listed here.

Please see the MEMBERS SUPPORT page.



What is that film/haze on my windows?

Please click here to read an article written by a Detroit Free Press columnist on window film.



This program is retired, and replaced with the Rewards Program. But your Punches are safe with us!

I have a Value Card. How do the Punches get moved to my new FastPass?

Just present the ONE Value Card to any cashier, and they'll link it to your FastPass, which will move the Punches over.

I have multiple Value Cards. Can I combine them?

Sure. Just see a manager with any cards you have, and he can transfer the values to your new FastPass. This CANNOT be done at the register, as the register can only handle one Value Card.

I've lost my Value Card...what now?

As long as it was activated before you lost it, we can recover the missing punches. On your next visit, just ask to see the manager. He can get those values moved over to you new FastPass.



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