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Unlimited Club - Membership Support


How can we help you?


Our on-line system provides you with all the answers you need! When you securely log in to your account, you can view or change your settings. Below, see screen-shots of how to perform any task. Videos coming soon!


  • Payment History
  • Plan History (i.e. changes to your plan)
  • All the vehicles listed under your name (and their plan details)
  • Your next billing date
  • Need help logging in?



  • Billing Address - where your credit card statement is delivered (PLEASE keep up to date!)
  • Update Credit card expiration date
  • Change a Credit Card number
  • ADD an additional Credit Card number (to keep more than one on file)
  • Delete an unused Credit Card number
  • Receipt Delivery (an email after each successful billing)
  • Change/Replace a Vehicle (new car, swap to your other car)
  • Change JUST a license plate, but keep the same car
  • Vacation Hold (leaving for a month or 2? Put your plan on hold.)
  • Change Payment Method (associate a different credit card to a specific vehicle)
  • Billing frequency (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually)
  • Change Membership Type (Full-Service, Full-Service Everything, Exterior-Only, etc.)
  • Add a vehicle to my plan
  • Cancel a vehicle
  • Reinstate a previously cancelled vehicle
  • Update your email address and/or phone number



Can't find what you're looking for here? Please click the red SUPPORT button on the left, or contact us via email and we'll get right back with you (weekdays).