The Jax Washing Process

Our System and Process

At all Jax Kar Wash locations, we use only soft cloth, high-pressure fresh water and mild soaps to clean your vehicle. We do not use any brushes or harsh chemicals which can be harmful. To find out more about safety of car washing visit our "Safety of Professional Carwashing" page.

Our computer controlled wash line safely takes your car through several processes; the first step is the presoak, a cleaning solution to loosen the dirt and lift it away from the paint. Then a foamy soap is applied for improved cleaning and lubrication.

Car Wash Soap













Next is the soft cloth and high-pressure water to remove the dirt and film and shine the finish.

Car Wash Soft Cloth

Carwash Soft Cloth


If any waxes or undersealant are ordered, they are applied at this stage.

carwash wax


Finalizing the process is a finishing rinse to aid in the drying process, followed by the air blowers...

car wash blower/dryer

...and each Full-Service car is towel dried.

carwash towel dried


car wash West Bloomfield exterior