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How it Works

We place a very special sticker on the bottom-left corner of your Windshield. The bar code is for our greeter to quickly enter your vehicle into the computer on each visit so you will automatically receive your Punches & Birthday Wash.

By request, we will give you a sticker that has both a bar code and a RFID (radio-frequency identification) chip in it. The RFID chip is used if you visit our Auto-Attendant which is at West Bloomfield and Southfield Road; other locations to follow. It's like an ATM for car washes!

Have more than one vehicle? Each vehicle will have its own FastPass and collect punches independently.


Got a New Vehicle? Need to Move Punches to that New FastPass?

  • Don't yet have a new FastPass on the new vehicle?

    If you don't yet have a FastPass on the new vehicle, please just proceed to any location, get a new FastPass on your car by the Greeter, then see a manager. He can take care of the transfer for you there.

  • Already have a new FastPass on the new vehicle?

    If you already have a new FastPass on your new car, please click here to submit a request.


Value Card Holders (Retired 10/1/2013):


On your next visit to a location with the new system, we will be issuing you a FastPass (windshield sticker). All of your Punches & Points from your Value Card will be transferred to your PC account. Just show your Value Card so we can move the values over.

Q. How do I get my Punches moved from my Value Card to my FastPass?
A. Just present your Value Card on your next visit, and the cashier can move the values over.


Q. When will my Punches get moved from my Value Card to my FastPass?
A. Immediately after you present your Value Card to the cashier, and he/she moves the values over. This may not show on today's receipt, but will on the receipt of your next visit.


Q. How can I check the values on my old Value Card?
A. We will do so at the site for you.