Got A New Car? Transfer your Credits from the Old to the New FastPass Here


If you received a new car, we can move your Punches and Points to the new vehicle.


Don't yet have a new FastPass on the new vehicle?

If you don't yet have a FastPass on the new vehicle, please just proceed to any location, get a new FastPass on your car by the Greeter, then see a manager. He can take care of the transfer for you there.

Already have a new FastPass on the new vehicle?

If you already have a new FastPass on your new car, please submit the below form.


- Both the OLD and the NEW vehicles' FastPasses MUST BE REGISTERED.

- After you submit the below form, please allow up to 7 days for transfer to take affect (we do it manually for you).
- If the customer's last names of the FastPasses don't match, we will contact the other party for permission.


  * Indicates required field.
If you don't know it, that's okay, we'll look it up by email address.
PLEASE: No Spaces, and include the '+' sign if you have one.
Be sure it's formatted just as you see it: 12345+123456

Notes to Jax about your transfer (optional)

  Check email address for accuracy; if wrong, we can't respond if there is a problem!

All personal information, including email address, is kept confidential.
We DO NOT give out your information to any other organization.